Terra Paradise creates a complete and extraordinary nature and eco-adventure experience in Costa Rica for local and international nature and eco-adventure lovers.

Nature Appreciation

Nature Activities

On your Costa Rica vacation, don’t just settle for a superficial brush with nature. Come to Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort where you’ll be fully immersed in a virgin rainforest filled with vibrant life for an unforgettable eco-friendly adventure vacation in Costa Rica.

Our nature appreciation activities are suitable for all, including those who have limited abilities or prefer less physical activity. Bilingual naturalists will guide and enhance your understanding and enjoyment on our eco-friendly tours in the Costa Rica rainforest.

Rise and shine with our Costa Rica bird watching guides for an early morning stroll to see some of Costa Rica’s more than 870 exotic tropical bird species. When the sun sets over the Pacific Ocean, join our naturalist guides to discover the fascinating nightlife in the rainforest. Bring the kids and enjoy the best family vacation activities at Terra Paradise!

More exciting nature activities include:

Hiking trails through the forest

Observation decks

A meditation labyrinth in the forest

Visits to the Resort’s center for the reintroduction of endangered species and the sustainability laboratory

Travel by aerial tram over the forest

A mountain park overlooking the sea with natural swimming pools and picnic areas with BBQ facilities

Terra Paradise actively promotes environmental conservation and sustainable tourism with enjoyable fun!

Nature Discovery

The rainforest at Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort in Costa Rica abounds with exotic plants and wildlife. Scientists have yet to officially survey the region and plants unknown to the area have already been found. Whether personal or scientific, flora or fauna, new discoveries await you at Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort.