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Education is Everything!

Education is Everything!

Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort is working closely with the Municipality of Parrita and local teachers to improve education at our region’s schools, as part of our commitment to creating sustainable communities.

Terra Paradise Resort is located in the Central Pacific county of Parrita, one of the poorest communities (ranking 74th out of 81 counties) in Costa Rica. The underfunded and ill-equipped Parrita educational system struggles to provide a basic primary education for the county’s children. In Parrita, like many poor rural communities, education is the key to better employment opportunities, reducing crime, and increasing quality of life.

Elementary school education is free in Costa Rica, but books are not provided, and they are very expensive. Many parents, especially in poor rural regions, can’t afford to buy school books for their children.

In 2009, Grupo Nacion, the parent company of the national newspaper La Nacion, established the program “Libros Para Todos” (“Books for All”) to provide textbooks at cost for students throughout Costa Rica. Terra Paradise Eco-Adventure Resort has partnered with Grupo Nacion’s program with our own Parrita School Project to pay for printing school books for Parrita’s children. Our dream was realized in February 2012 when all students (approximately 200) began the new school year at the four elementary schools in rural Parrita County with his/her own textbooks.

This is just a start. Every February, at the beginning of each new school year, children require textbooks. Terra Paradise Resort needs your help to make that possible.

Only US$12.00 pays the production costs for a set of books for one child for the entire year. Parrita’s children need your help to have a decent education. Each child having his/her own books tremendously increases the teachers’ effectiveness and the students’ learning experience.

Here is a link to a video in Spanish with English subtitles: Education is Everything!

To contribute, please contact us at Terra Paradise Resort. Your donation will make a real difference in the life of a child.

To us, Education is Everything!